Recycling Resources

Initiatives for 4 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renewable)

In order to conserve limited resources as a manufacturer that produces and sells products that are familiar to customers’ daily lives, S.T. Group is promoting the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renewable) in containers and packaging. Approximately 12,000 t/year of plastic is used in the products sold by our group. In order to achieve a circular economy, we are working to make our containers and packaging sustainable by revising product designs, increasing the number of refillable products, and promoting the use of recycled plastics and biomass plastics.

Reduce the use of virgin plastics

Measures with the "Eco for Everyone" Mark

As an initiative for “Reduce” and “Renewable” (switch to renewable materials such as those derived from plants), S.T. Corporation has established its own environmentally friendly standards for container packaging and product design, and products that meet these standards indicate the "Eco for everyone" mark.

Examples of products with the “Eco for everyone” mark

Recycled plastics are used for the bottles of “Shoshu-Riki Deodorizer for Room” and “Shoshu-Riki Deodorizer for Toilet,” with its content being 10% or higher.

S.T. standards for “Eco for everyone” (our original standards)

Classification Details Numerical criteria
Raw materials (contents) Use of plant-derived materials 50% or higher
Containers and packaging Use of recycled materials 10% or higher
Use of plant-derived materials 20% or higher
Reduction of consumption of plastics* 10% or higher
Product design Reduction of waste of refills with respect to containers (total weight of containers and packaging) 50% or higher

*compared with that for our existing products or representative products sold together

Products that can be refilled and replaced

“Shoshu-Riki” Clear Beads Ion Deodorizer Plus and DEOX are deodorants that can be refilled and used. By using refills, you can reduce the amount of plastics used for containers and packaging, as well as the amount of garbage (waste).


Switching to materials other than plastics

“Shoshu-Riki” Natulief for entrances/living rooms (reed diffusers) uses paper materials for the cushioning material inside the package, label stickers, reed sticks, etc., reducing the amount of plastics used compared to conventional products. Recognized for its containers and packaging that are both environmentally friendly and sophisticatedly designed, we won the General Goods Category Award at the 62nd Japan Packaging Competition (sponsored by the Japan Federation of Printing Industries).


We won the General Goods Category Award at the 62nd Japan Packaging Competition (sponsored by the Japan Federation of Printing Industries).

Earth-friendly reed diffuser made from environment-conscious materials

Waste management

We regularly check our waste management contractors and comply with laws and regulations to ensure proper disposal. At our production sites and offices, we are working on waste control and recycling by reducing waste generated during business activities.

Total weight of waste

*The subject organization is S.T. Group (domestic).