Occupational Safety and Health

Initiatives for the Health of Employees

So that all employees can work while being healthy in mind and body, we encourage them to undergo a health checkup regularly, with the aim of having all employees undergo it. In addition to the periodic health checkup, we recommend employees aged 35 years or older to receive a complete health checkup and pay expenses for it, for the purpose of detecting and treating health risks early. Furthermore, we recommend employees to undergo medical examinations for breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and brain disorders, and pay expenses for them. We also hold meetings with industrial doctors and public health nurses and lectures, and established “S.T. Hotline for Health,” in which external psychologists listen to the worries of employees, their spouses and dependents, in order to maintain their mental and physical health and prevent disorders. As measures for breaking free from smoking, we prohibited smoking during working hours in 2018, and prohibited smoking inside our buildings in 2022.
In recognition of our efforts, we were certified as an Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023.

Initiatives for the Occupational Safety of Employees

At all production sites, we are working to maintain safe operations and environments by setting management items related to safety, health and disaster prevention, conducting voluntary inspections, and preparing instructions and manuals. At the “STR-MP” meeting, which is attended by the production site staff in Japan and Thailand, they exchange opinions about occupational safety and reflect them in occupational safety activities in each factory. We regularly conduct safety management inspection at our factories in Japan and Thailand and major outsourcees’ factories in Japan by headquarters’ staff in charge, to inspect our safety and hygiene control systems and operational status. In Thai factories, where it is difficult to directly inspect them frequently, we utilize an online conference system.