Policy for Procurement

Policy for Procurement

No enterprise could grow sustainably without relationships with its business partners based on mutual prosperity. S. T. Corporation and its group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “our corporate group”) recognize this fact to a sufficient degree and shall promote fair, impartial and responsible procurement considerate to human rights and the environment in the whole supply chain including our corporate group and business partners.

  • Establishment of partnership and mutual development

    We shall strive for the establishment of an even better partnership and mutual development with our business partners in Japan and overseas based on mutual understanding, mutual cooperation and trusting relationships.

  • Execution of equal and fair transactions

    Our corporate group shall strive to maintain fair relationships with all business partners and conduct sincere transactions adhering to related laws, regulations, and contracts, without taking advantage of a superior position and making unreasonable requests or one-sidedly imposing conditions on our business partners.
    We shall offer fair opportunities to our business partners in Japan and overseas, and perform a comprehensive judgment and selection based on clear criteria regarding quality, cost, delivery time, service, respect for human rights and environmental conversation.
  • Promotion of responsible procurement activities

    Our corporate group shall share our corporate attitude of placing importance on social responsibility such as the respect for human rights, environmental conversation and compliance with laws and regulations, with its business partners, encourage proactive initiatives for the achievement thereof and promote responsible procurement activities in the whole supply chain.

  • Confidentiality of information

    Our corporate group shall protect the personal information and confidential information obtained from our business partners through business operations.
    We shall not disclose this information even to insiders, unless they have a legitimate business reason for obtaining it.

Efforts for Responsible Procurement