Chemical Substance Management

Safe Management of Chemical Substances

Our corporate group is promoting the safe management of chemicals in accordance with related regulations and our in-company standards. We conduct appropriate management, prevention of pollution, and reduction of emissions in accordance with the legal standards for emissions set for each material and each facility and the scale thereof and ordinances of local governments. Our corporate group manages the emissions and transfer amounts of subject materials based on the PRTR system. As some components of bug repellents are subject to the PRTR, we collect and announce the data of their sublimation during manufacturing, etc. as emissions to the atmosphere. Regarding transfer amounts, we collect and announce the data of components of bug repellents and surfactants of air refreshers, deodorants, etc. transported to the outside of our business establishments as part of waste. Both emissions and transfer amounts have been low since the fiscal year ended March 2022, thanks to the measures for reducing them.

* The PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) system means a system for grasping, collecting, and announcing the data on sources of harmful chemicals, their emissions to the environment, and transfer to the outside of business establishments as waste.

PRTR chemical substance emissions/transfer amounts

*The subject organization is S.T. Group (in Japan).