Welcome to Our Procurement Page

S.T. Corporation is widely looking for partners who are able to procure superior quality raw materials, materials, products, and services at reasonable prices and within demanded time schedules.
In addition, we will fulfil our corporate social responsibility (CSR) such as legal compliance and environmental protection together with our business partners.

Our Policy

In order to provide our customers with valuable products they demand, a comprehensive judgement will be made based on the consideration of appropriate quality, prices, safety, delivery time, environmental protection, corporate credibility, and other factors in a wide range of global markets, regardless of whether they are in Japan or overseas.

Procurement Procedure

Please describe your company's products (Please fill out the email form and send it to us). We will check the content and contact you if it is judged to be the product sought.
We may not contact you by e-mail or other means if the product does not meet our procurement policy or if we judge the product to be different from what we are looking for. We would appreciate your understanding.
We will contact you again if we want you to provide a sample.
Based on the results of the evaluation, we will look into the possibility of working with your company (please note that we will not return any samples you have provided).
Please note that the provision of samples and data does not guarantee an actual business deal.
Department in charge: Purchasing Team, Production and Procurement Section, Manufacturing Department