Welcome to Our Procurement Page

We, the Procurement Group, purchase a wide variety of materials and finished products from all over the world and domestic markets. We are continually searching for new suppliers with the intention of starting business relationships with all successful partners.

Our Policy

We impartially consider the following factors:
・Quality of Delivery
・Quality of Safety
・Environmental protection
・Corporate credibility
Whether your materials and products meet our company's standard or not, the information you've presented to us will be treated as strictly confidential.

Finished Product

・Household Gloves
・Industrial Gloves
・Disposable Gloves


・P.D.C.B. (Flake not liquid)
・Activated Carbon
・Calcium Chloride (particulate matter)
・Environmentally friendly packaging materials

Procurement Procedure

1.We may ask for your samples and product data, documentation of comparative excellence over other manufacturers. We will fairly check your products regarding quality, specifications, performance, price and so on. Then, we will look into the possibility of working with your company.
2.When all matters are agreed upon, final contracts will be concluded between both parties.
3.Please note if we judge that your product does not suit our policy, we will not contact you by E-mail and other methods.