Quality Assurance, Security and Safety Initiatives

Our corporate group plans, designs, manufactures, and sells products with the aim of providing customers with "appropriate quality" and "safe and secure" products. At each stage of planning, designing, and producing products, we check the safety, effectiveness, environmental and legal compliance of "raw materials, formulations (contents), containers, packaging, labeling, etc."
At the stage of sale to customers, the Customer First Promotion Division (Customer Consultation Office, Quality Assurance Office) collects and analyzes opinions and information from customers regarding products, and works to improve quality. Furthermore, in case a problem occurs in our products, we have established a system for responding to accidents and damage, disclosing information to the government and customers, recalling products, and preventing recurrence.
In addition, the pyrethroid-based mothproofing agent production lines of our factories in Fukushima, Saitama, and Kyushu have obtained "ISO9001" certification, and the factory in Tochigi (S.T. MYCOAL) has obtained "ISO9001" and "ISO13485."

System to Respond to Customer Feedback

In order to use the inquiries, questions and feedbacks we receive from customers to improve products and identify and respond to issues, we report them to the management and related departments as "HOT VOICE REPORT." We hold a "Meeting to Experience Customers’ Feedback" at the Customer Service Center, where the management and employees of related departments directly listen to customers' inquiries and opinions on a regular basis.
In order to improve customer satisfaction and service quality, we have participated in a telephone reception contest sponsored by the Users Association, and won an award in the Shinjuku contest for five consecutive years. We won the award for outstanding performance in the national competition in FY2022.

【Preventing customers from forgetting to remove the inner stopper of Kome-Touban】
An example of utilizing customer feedback for product improvement is seen in our mothproofing agents for rice storage, “Kome-Touban.” We identified that some customers were using the product without removing a component (the inner stopper) that should be removed at the start of use. To promote correct usage, we made improvements by affixing a “Prevention of Forgetting to Remove the Inner Stopper” sticker to the product.

Dissemination of Useful Information for Daily Life

For our customers, we disseminate information that makes everyday life a little more convenient and enjoyable through our owned media “Kurashi ni Plus.” Under the supervision of experts, we provide information and disclose guidebooks about useful information and countermeasures for everyday-life trouble, such as "countermeasures against ticks," "school disinfection and hygiene measures," and "preventive measures for hay fever."