President Message

While pursuing a purpose, we aim to achieve swift business operation focused on customers.



Last year, a new management structure was adopted, and under the policy of “business administration involving all staff members,” not only executives, but also all employees gave opinions, to discuss our medium to long term vision based on the “100- day project.”

While pursuing a purpose, we aim to achieve swift business operation focused on customers.

S. T. Corporation will go back to the original policy of understanding customers thoroughly, and then develop and provide products and services that are unique to S. T. and have new value. To do so, we have clarified our “social meanings of our existence” and “ambition,” including what our company exists for and how our company can contribute to the world, while reflecting the expectations from the outside and the aspirations of all employees, based on our underlying corporate philosophy “Sincerity” and management philosophy, when setting a purpose.       
“Ideas to touch the heart for moments with smiles.”
The social environment surrounding customer and there lifestyles have changed significantly, due to climate change on a global scale, the skyrocketing of commodity prices, etc. As a result, people became more aware of wellness and interested in sustainability, so consumption behavior and needs will become more diverse. We will assign top priority to customers as indicated in the purpose, ponder how we can contribute to the world through customers, and aim to realize speedy business administration for responding to customer needs swiftly and carefully.

Regarding future activities

In May 2024, a “medium-term management plan” was disclosed. While pursuing “KAORI×WELLNESS×GLOBAL” which is our medium to long term growth theme, we will strive to achieve sustainable growth and improve our corporate value. In addition, in order to create new businesses for solving social issues with aromas and “expressing one’s identity with aromas,” we established “Aroma Business Development Section” in April this year.
While continuing our endeavors to make the living of each customer more convenient and comfortable, we will expand the wellness field for improving mental and physical health through convenient living and healthy conditions of people and pet animals, so that “customers have smiles.” We aim to realize an outstanding company that satisfy customers with the power of aromas while considering their respective values and brings healthy smiles to people and society.
We will make group-wide efforts. We would appreciate your further support and encouragement.

May 23, 2024
Yo Kozuki
Chairman of the Board, President & CEO