Local Communities

Efforts for Educational Practice for Local Children

We accept elementary and junior high school students from neighboring areas for workplace experience learning, and endeavor to draw their interest in the work of manufacturers and science through hands-on experience of manufacturing.

Shinjuku City Ochiai Junior High School Scene of experiencing and learning jobs at an actual workplace

We signed a “forest development agreement of companies in Hokkaido”

During July 2022, in order to collaborate with companies working on forest maintenance, we signed a “forest development agreement of companies in Hokkaido” with Hokkaido Government Kushiro General Subprefectural Bureau, and Hokuto Co., Ltd, which runs a forest maintenance business and whose headquarters is located in Kushiro City, Hokkaido. We will acquire the naming rights for the maintenance area within the forest area, which is owned by the Hokkaido government and is under the management of Kushiro City, and will plant Sakhalin fir saplings using donations from our company as a financial resource to maintain the forest. Every year, we invite S.T. CORPORATIONʼs employees and local elementary school students to plant trees, and hold a tree education class to learn about economic forest management and the utilization and functions of Sakhalin firs.

Tree planting by local elementary school students

Tree education class

We join “Cosme Bank Project,” to provide pocket warmers

Agreeing with the philosophy of “bringing smiles to the faces of women and the earth,” our company joined “Cosme Bank Project” (operated by Bank for Smiles), which provides women of single-parent families who require financial support with products free of charge via cooperative groups around Japan. We have engaged in supportive activities, donating pocket warmers, since a pilot project was launched in December 2021. We will keep supporting women in economic trouble by delivering our products via “Cosme Bank Project.”

Support for installation of toilets, etc. as part of the “Project for Considering the Air and Water Environments”

We engage in the “Project for considering the air and water environments” as a collaborative project with ASKUL Corporation (hereinafter called “ASKUL”), which offers mail-order services to offices and general consumers. In this project, part of sales of our original deodorants for toilets and rooms, which are manufactured by our company and sold by ASKUL, is donated to groups that are striving to improve the air and water environments to support their activities.
As the first step, we have been donating to WaterAid Japan since 2021. As the second step, we have been donating to Habitat for Humanity Japan (hereinafter called “Habitat”) since August 2022.
Habitat is an international NGO that is tackling issues with housing in over 70 countries around the world for the purpose of realizing “a world where everyone can live in adequate housing.” The objective of this collaborative supporting plan is to resettle illegally residing people and improve the access to public services based on the existing project conducted by Habitat Cambodia in Banteay Srei, Siem Reap Province. In the subject area, not all residents live in adequate housing or can access public services and hygiene education. Habitat plans to improve the sanitary equipment and habits of elementary schools in the subject area by helping repair and building the toilets and hand-wash stations in schools, and provide sanitary kits for protecting children and their communities.
In addition, we held a round-table talk among Habitat, ASKUL, and S.T. Corporation, while believing that it is possible to proceed with the collaborative supporting plan by learning the local situation. That round-table talk was attended by Habitat’s student volunteers who were involved with the construction of housing in Cambodia, so we directly asked them about the local situation. A participant from Habitat commented, “The collaborative supporting plan of ASKUL and S.T. Corporation disseminates the issues with water and hygiene in Cambodia through their products and enables anyone to support Habitat by purchasing the products. This cycle facilitates support further, and fulfills an indispensable role for maintaining the water and hygiene support of Habitat, which aims to make worry-free, safe water and toilets accessible to everyone.” A participant from S.T. Corporation commented, “In this collaborative supporting plan, part of sales from deodorants for toilets, etc. is donated. I hope that customers picking up such products will realize that there exist those who cannot access toilets that can be used with peace in mind.”
We will keep proceeding with the collaborative supporting plan, while studying the situations of regions where residents require support.

Scene of a discussion on local activities of Habitat at the round-table talk

Track record of support through the collaborative supporting plan titled “Project for considering the air and water environments”

1st Step: To support WaterAid Japan
963,349 yen from Feb. to Aug. 2021
992,114 yen from Aug. 2021 to Feb. 2022
971,784 yen from Feb. to Aug. 2022

2nd Step: To support Habitat for Humanity Japan
926,034 yen from Aug. 2022 to Feb. 2023
908,414 yen from Feb. to Aug. 2023

Hiyoko Scholarship Foundation

The Hiyoko Scholarship Foundation was established in 2021 with the aim of “contributing to the development of the next generation of talent and the promotion of academia, as well as enriching the lives of citizens and preserving the global environment, by providing scholarship support to students who face difficulties in continuing their education due to financial reasons.” The foundation operates with donations from our company and became a public interest incorporated foundation in 2022. As of August 2023, it provides scholarship support to 34 students across 23 universities who are studying in fields such as natural science and environmental technology