Approach to Compliance

Compliance is the foundation not only for corporate activities, but also for social activities, and without it, neither the comfortable and prosperous lives of our customers nor the survival of our company would be possible. Our corporate group not only adheres to laws and regulations, but also respects internal and external rules, ethics, and social norms. By practicing our corporate philosophy and code of conduct, we align our actions with societal demand and strive to meet our group's expectations. This approach is aimed at maintaining and enhancing the trust of all stakeholders and becoming a company loved by customers and societies around the world.

Compliance System

Our compliance management structure includes a Human Rights Compliance Committee, which manages human rights initiatives along with other compliance matters, and is established under the Sustainability Council that centrally manages all risks.
Regarding roles and responsibilities, the committee is chaired by the executive officer in charge of the Corporate Value Enhancing Headquarters, which oversees human resources and legal affair, manages compliance-related risks. The members primarily consist of the heads of various departments within our corporate group. The Human Resources & General Affairs Department is in charge of the secretariat, which provides management and support, as well as awareness-raising and education for the entire group.
Regarding reporting, we hold the Human Rights Compliance Committee meetings five times a year. The chair reports the activities and decisions of these meetings to the Sustainability Council, as well as updating the Audit Committee on the status of the committee’s activities.
The head of the Audit Office is responsible for the examination and reports to the President and CEO and the Audit Committee. The head of the Audit Office will make suggestions and recommendations to the executive officers in charge as necessary.

Internal Control

With regard to the internal control of our corporate group, we will develop and continuously improve the systems necessary to ensure the reliability of financial reporting, to ensure the appropriateness and efficiency of organizational operations, to comply with laws and regulations related to corporate activities and internal rules, and to ensure the appropriateness of the operations of our entire corporate group.

In-company Educational Activities

We carry out the following activities to further raise employees’ awareness of compliance.

  • Enact a code of conduct and a whistle-blowing center (S. T. helpline).
  • Upload the collection of compliance-related cases to the Intranet.
  • Distribute an email magazine and compliance newsletters for education to every office of the company. (send once a month for each)
  • Conduct company-wide questionnaire survey on compliance. (once a year)
  • Conduct company-wide compliance test for self-checking. (twice a year)
  • Organizing study sessions in each department on laws and regulations relevant to their respective areas
  • Conducting compliance training for each job level
  • Exchanging information on legal amendments and other matters at the Human Rights Compliance Committee
  • Provision of educational materials from the Human Rights Compliance Committee secretariat to all group companies
  • Education on human rights