Air Fresheners

When fragrances change, your daily life changes

Air fresheners represent a growing market. As residents’ interests in odors and fragrances are getting stronger, we will contribute to their daily lives through the business of air fresheners utilizing our technology for improving air.We own unique air-care brand SHOSHURIKI.

Air Fresheners Market Overviewed with Figures

The Domestic Market Scale
The Domestic Market Share (25%)
  • *SRI⁺“Air Fresheners (excluding those for clothes and anti-virus items)” by INTAGE Inc. (based on the data collected from Jan. to Dec. 2023) *The market scale means the cumulative sales.

Major Brand


    Reliable deodorization with the continuously evolving deodorizer and air freshener

    • It was released in 2000 as a powerful long-lasting deodorizer. In addition to improving the deodorization technology, we provide a lineup of fragrances and applications to meet the needs of the time, and still keep evolving. It has been appreciated by consumers as a reliable and familiar brand for dealing with all sorts of bad odors in the household.