Material Issues and Primary Measures

Identification of Material Issues

S.T. Group aims to achieve sustainable growth and improve corporate value by contributing to the sustainability of the environment and society. We identified material issues for the environment, society, and our corporate group with the following steps, amid the significant changes of the times toward sustainability.

Process of extracting material issues

Policy for evaluating material issues and determining their priorities

Identified material issues

Responding to changes in consumer values and lifestyles
Adapting to a decarbonized society
Coping with the depletion of resources and adapting to the circular economy
Dealing with business risks related to human rights
Building a working environment where diverse employees can work with satisfaction and peace of mind
Strengthening ESG risk management in the supply chain
Responding to social demand beyond laws and regulations

Primary Measures


  • Strengthening product development using “Clear Forest,” a natural tree component created from our air care core technologies that is natural and has functional properties
  • Strengthening development of business models and ecosystems through new models


Climate change Greenhouse gas reduction targets and the reconstruction of the management system
Resources recycling Promotion of initiatives for resources-saving and plastic-saving designs


Human rights Development of policies and management systems for human rights
Occupational health and safety Reduction of long working hours
Work-life balance Improving the ratio of employees who took an annual paid leave
Diversity and inclusion Improving various systems in which women can flourish, and strengthen the promotion of the creation of a suitable working environment
Human resources development and skill development Strengthening of human resources development to create and execute new businesses
Responsible procurement Development of policies and management systems for responsible procurement


Stakeholder engagement Establishment of a promotion system that reflects the voices of stakeholders in management Dialogue with Experts, Integrated Reports