Promotion of sustainability through business administration involving all employees

The keyword is “reform.”

The new keyword for S.T. Corporation is “reform.” We have so far operated our business under the leadership of the founder, but we will promote sustainability through “business administration involving all staff” from now on.

Provision of “freshness and comfort”

Since the inauguration of business in 1946, we have eliminated a variety of trouble and discomfort in daily life, providing “freshness and comfort” to customers, and have grown. In early days after the war, we released moth repellents for removing the trouble of moth holes in precious clothes. During the rapid economic growth period, we released air fresheners, in response to the enhancement of awareness of sanitation. When the airtightness of housing, such as condominiums, increased, we developed dehumidifying agents to solve the trouble of mold growth in a humid environment. In the 2000s, we released “Shoshu-Riki” as consumers started demanding deodorization rather than fragrance. I think that S.T. Corporation has grown so far because it was able to meet the needs from customers and the times swiftly.

Business administration for grasping social changes accurately and meeting demand and expectations from society

The environment surrounding us is filled with a broad range of issues, including geopolitical risks, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine and the Middle East crisis, in addition to accelerated global warming, circular economy, and super-aged society. The sustainability of society is the base for economic activities. Without it, customers would not be able to lead a comfortable, affluent life and S.T. Corporation would not grow sustainably. S.T. Corporation will bring “freshness and comfort” to society and customers and grow by meeting requests and expectations from society.

Regarding measures from now on

In the term ending March 2024, we are developing a “management structure for surviving the ESG era” by linking the sustainability of society and the sustainability of enterprises. We will make company-wide efforts. We would appreciate your enhanced support and encouragement.

November 30, 2023
President & CEO