Basic Policies for Return to Shareholders

For returning profits to shareholders, we have three basic policies: “dividend measures,” “benefits for shareholders,” and “acquisition of treasury shares.” “Dividends” are paid twice a year, that is, at the end of each second quarter and at the end of each term. We will take dividend measures considering our business performance under the basic policy of paying dividends in a stable manner. “Benefits for shareholders” are aimed at deepening shareholders’ understanding of our business and increasing long-term shareholders. “Acquisition of treasury shares” is aimed at improving shareholder value, trimming down assets, and so on.

Annual Dividend Trends

Our surplus dividend is basically paid twice a year.

Fiscal year-end Dividend
March 2016 ¥22.00
March 2017 ¥24.00
March 2018 ¥31.00
March 2019 ¥36.00
March 2020 ¥36.00
March 2021 ¥37.00
March 2022 ¥38.00
March 2023 ¥40.00
March 2024 ¥42.00
March 2025 ¥44.00 (Planned)