Pleasant spaces free from distracting odors

The market of deodorizers is healthy. Our products in this field remove unwanted bad smells from storage spaces such as refrigerators, spaces below the sink, and shoe racks with the charcoal-based deodorizing technology we have nurtured.The DASHUTAN CHARCOAL brand has a dominant market share.

Deodorizers Market Overviewed with Figures

The Domestic Market Scale(3 years)
The Domestic Market Share (82%)
  • *SRI⁺ “Deodorizers for Refrigerators” by INTAGE Inc. (based on the data collected from Jan. 2021 to Dec. 2023) *The market scale means the cumulative sales.

Major Brand


    A powerful deodorizer powered by charcoal

    • A brand developed by our original technology with the concept deodorizing with the power of charcoal. The combination of jelly-like charcoal and BINCHOTAN makes a powerful deodorizer. We maintained a lion’s share of the deodorizer market by offering a lineup of products including the refrigerator series, products for shoe racks, products for space under the kitchen sink and more.