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The market of gloves is showing a growth trend in both household and industrial use.By utilizing our unique “developing capabilities," we propose the improvement in functionality and products with add value. Our gloves business has a 60-year history of operation, and comprises the FAMILY series for household use, the MODELOBE series for industrial use, etc.

Gloves Market Overviewed with Figures

The Domestic Market Scale
The Domestic Market Share (20%)
  • *SRI⁺ “Household Gloves” by INTAGE Inc. (based on the data collected from Jan. to Dec. 2023) *The market scale means the cumulative sales.

Major Brand


    A long-selling brand of household gloves that protect women’s hands

    • A long-selling brand of household gloves that has been appreciated for a long time as the household gloves that protect women's hands. Focusing on vinyl gloves, we develop products with a wide range of application such as gloves for hand care, gloves that meet the expanding hygienic countermeasures, and the new gloves section for cooking purposes. We've gained the consumer's deep support thanks to our highly competitive products.