Our Value Creation

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

To fulfill our mission of giving our service to society and earning society's trust, S.T. constantly works to improve its products, and to create unique products that our customers can trust absolutely.
To achieve the company's sustained prosperity, S.T. ensures its workplaces provide an environment where its employees can earnestly work with hope and pride.
Always valuing harmony and courtesy, S.T. strives to be the best company as regards winning the absolute trust of our customers, other concerned people and society at large.

Our Value

Derivation of Company Name

The "ST" of S.T. Corporation derives from a formulation of the first tenet of our management philosophy: our mission of giving our Service to society and earning society's Trust, and of creating Super Top products.

The Baby Chick Logo

Familiar to and enjoyed by many of our customers, our baby chick corporate logo symbolizes S.T. Corporation. The logo reflects our corporate stance of being healthy, refreshing, sincere, modest and always happily facing up to the next challenge.

Corporate Slogan

Refreshing the Air

We want to refresh the air in your home and your life.
We want to refresh the air in your store and your office.
We want to refresh the air all over Japan.
As a first step, we're refreshing the air around us.
With a refreshing approach to research and products.
A refreshing attitude in our marketing and sales.
And refreshingly new concepts in our advertising and publicity.
We're always offering our customers new proposals.
Proposals that help by refreshing the air.

Our Value Creation

Our Existence Value

Our business, based on the brand value management, creates new markets with “unique air-care technologies” to brighten and enliven the living of each customer with air.
Presently, our business environment is dramatically changing, as environmental problems become more serious, the social structure transforms, and globalization progresses. In response to such changes in business environment, we aim to achieve synergistic development between the society and the company, through the business activities that utilize our strength of the unique air-care technologies, and the initiatives for environment and society.

Management Strategy (Brand Value Management)

Our goal is to build a strong base that will not be affected by changes in the business environment. Our goals are (1) No.1 share in the domestic air care market (No.4 worldwide), (2) creation of a revolutionary new market, (3) establishing a presence in the ASEAN area for overseas markets, and (4) operating margin of 10%. Our strategy is brand value management. (1) creation of customers, (2) management structure to pursue higher profitability, and (3) aim to develop the "base".