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Our Approach to Sustainability

We aim to achieve the co-growth of enterprises and society, by meeting social requirements and expectations in good faith

The Company considers sustainability as "actions for the mutual development of the Company and society." Our business utilizes valuable resources provided by stakeholders, and we are aware that these resources are entrusted to the Company with the expectations that they will be properly managed. In order to meet the expectations, we will work on "Social Requirements (Social Responsibility)" and "Social Expectation (Value Creation using 'an identity of S.T.')." Through engagement we aim at mutual development with society by receiving a proper understanding of the Company and continuous support from society.

Policy Major Activities Details
Sustainability Social Expectation
(Value Creation)
Creation of economic value by Air Care Business.
Solving social issues by Air Care Business.
Social Requirements
(Social Responsibility)
Responding to the factors that influence the sustainability
of society and the environment.
Corporate Governance Systems for Supporting Creation of Sustainable Corporate Values.