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Information with the high level of materiality for stakeholders and the Company

Based on the demands from stakeholders including consumers, business partners, employees, communities, the global environment, shareholders and investors, the Company disseminates materiality information that will be valuable for both the stakeholders and the Company. The materiality is regularly reviewed through engagement with the stakeholders.

Major Activities Materiality Details
Social Expectation
(Value Creation)
Utilization of unique air-care technologies
[Solving Social Issues]
・Ensure healthy lives (Creation of a new market "air purifiers")
・Sustainable industrialization (new employment), Sustainable manage forests
Social Requirements
(Social Responsibility)

Provision of safe, reliable products to consumers
[Consumer Issues]

・Protecting consumers' health and safety
・Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practices
・Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution
・Consumer data protection and privacy

Securing and training of personnel
[Labor Practices]

・Employment and employment relationship
・Human development and training in the workplace
・Social dialogue
・Conditions of work and social protection
・Health and safety at work

Efforts based on environmentally conscious products, manufacturing and distribution processes

・Climate change mitigation and adaptation
・Prevention of pollution
・Sustainable resource use