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Sustainability Overview

Social expectations (Value creation)

materiality Overview of Fiscal 2017 and Strategies Going Forward

Utilization of unique air-care technologies [Solving Social Issues]

S.T. is developing products that could make the living of customers more comfortable with air, and proceeding with the air purifying business based on new technologies. Since “SDGs,” there are growing social requirements and expectations for “solving social issues,” and the S.T. Group considers that tackling these issues would lead to the creation of corporate value.

Products [Ensure healthy lives] As for the new technologies, started making B2B transactions in the “Clear Forest” brand. Received an organic certificate and obtained patents for hay fever related products. As for the existing technologies, in the spring of 2017, established “Yells,” a new brand of products for elderly care.

Community [Sustainable industrialization (new employment), sustainably managed forests] Through the comprehensive collaboration agreement with the Hokkaido Government, continued promoting the use and raising awareness of Sakhalin fir and energizing the local industry.

Social requirements (Social responsibility)

materiality Overview of Fiscal 2017 and Strategies Going Forward

Provision of safe, reliable products to consumers [Consumer Issues]

We consider that the manufacturers of daily necessities have a social mission to make the living of consumers more comfortable and an important obligation to offer safe, reliable products and services. If an enterprise loses the satisfaction and trust of consumers, it will become unable to survive. We recognize this and take various measures to ensure that it does not happen.

[Protecting consumers' health and safety] Continued regularly holding meetings of PL Committee that carries out quality control, etc.

[Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practices] Continued providing the products/useful information, quality information, and other information, on its website.

[Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution] Received the “award for excellence” at the 20th Corporate Telephone Manner Contest (hosted by Japan Telecom Users Association) for the third consecutive year (recognized as “Silver Rank Company”).

[Consumer data protection and privacy] Continued managing personal information.

Securing and training of personnel [Labor Practices]

Amid the significant turning point, including demographic changes and globalization, if we cannot secure competent personnel who can respond to such changes, we will not be able to create corporate value sustainably. The S.T. Group recognizes this, and is improving employment and labor environments.

[Employment and employment relationship] In order to reduce long working hours, continued reviewing tasks assigned to its employees and implementing no-overtime days.

[Human development and training in the workplace] Continued providing its employees with educational programs such as e-learning.

[Social dialogue] Continued having dialogue with labor unions, etc.

[Conditions of work and social protection] Continued the promotion of maternity and childcare leaves, shortened working hours, etc.

[Health and safety at work] Under the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), continued inspection, correction, and improvement, including disaster drills.

Efforts based on environmentally conscious products, manufacturing and distribution processes [Environment]

The S.T. Group (in Japan) actively engages in the countermeasures for climate change, which is required globally, and tackles various environmental issues that would be influenced by business activities.

[Climate change mitigation and adaptation] Continued propelling a modal shift and hybridization of company cars.

[Prevention of pollution] Continued reducing waste at each and every plant.

[Sustainable resource use] Continued having no-overtime days, managing air conditioning at each department, performing educational activities through information monitors, etc.