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Business summary

S.T. CORPORATION aspires to enrich people's lives by delivering innovative products that are used in everyday life. Drawing from this aspiration, the Company has continued to leverage its development capabilities to create products that previously did not exist while cultivating a variety of niche markets. Currently, S.T. CORPORATION is active across the six business fields of Air Care (deodorizers and air fresheners), Cloth Care (mothproofing agents), Humidity Care (dehumidifiers), Hand Care (gloves), Thermal Care (disposable warmers), and Home Care (cleaners and other products). Moving forward, we will further enhance customer satisfaction by developing higher value-added products and bolstering our unique marketing activities.

AIR Care (Deodorizers and Air Fresheners)

Deodorizers and Air Fresheners


(Market Share:No.2)



(Market Share:No.1)

Mainstay business division accounting for about 40% of the Company's total sales. A business that is expected to experience future growth.This division owns unique brands, including our largest brand "Shoshu-Riki," "SHALDAN" for enjoying more fragrance, and "Dashu-Tan," which deodorizes air with the power of charcoal.

CLOTH Care (Mothproofing Agents)

Mothproofing Agents


(Market Share:No.1)

A foundation business rivaling the importance of the Air Care category in terms of marketing. This category comprises topline brands including "Mushuda" and "Neopara Ace," which are well recognized for their reliability in protecting clothes from moths.

THERMAL Care (Disposable Warmers)

Disposable Warmers


(Market Share:No.2)

Winter-based product range. Provide an additional point-of-sale management role linked to spring and autumn mothproofing agents. Alliance products. Offer "Onpacks" and other products. Conclusion of the business transfer contract with Mycoal Corporation in December 2017.

HAND Care (Gloves)

Household Gloves


(Market Share:No.2)

An inaugural, enduring division with a history of six decades together with the Cloth Care category. This category is comprised of the "Family" series of household gloves, "Modelobe" series of industrialuse gloves and other products. Gloves with reinforced fingertips and NBR gloves with good puncture resistance have been marketed.

HUMIDITY Care (Dehumidifiers)



(Market Share:No.1)

This business has consistently led the market since "Drypet" was first launched in 1981. This category is comprised of the mainstay brand "Drypet," as well as other products including "Bincho-Tan Drypet," which offers a deodorizing function together with dehumidifying; a solid lineup including refill- and sheet-type products.

HOME Care (Cleaners and Other)

This business is currently fostering the niche cleaner market and is coordinating efforts to nurture other new products that are under development. It owns unique products, such as the cleaners in the niche market, including "Senjo-Riki" and "Ohisamano-Sentaku," and the mothproofing agents for rice bins "Kome-Touban."