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Corporate History

1946 S.T. Chemical Plant founded
1948 Establishes S.T. Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.  
1964 Establishes Saitama Plant in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture  
1974 Establishes Iwaki Plant in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture  
1982 Changes company name to S.T. Chemical Co., Ltd  
1984 Public offering of shares for OTC trade with the Japan Securities Dealers Association  
1986 Shares listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange  
1988 Establishes joint venture Family Glove Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Establishes joint venture Family Glove Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Establishes joint-venture company Shaldan (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Establishes Moji (Kyushu) Plant in Kita-Kyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
1991 Shares designated for First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange  
1993 Establishes Shaldan (Philippines), Inc.  
1995 Establishes Japan Corporation Co., Ltd.  
1998 Launches the "lean yet robust company" as well as "selection and focus" initiatives (Takashi Suzuki, president)  
1999 Relocates Osaka Branch to Suita City, Osaka  
2000 Splits off S.T. Trading Co., Ltd.  
2001 Establishes S.T. R&D Center
2002 Consolidates 3 plants and 5 bases in Japan to 3 bases  
2003 Splits off S.T. Auto Co., Ltd.
Forms sales and office-work tie-up with Mycoal Co., Ltd.
2004 Commences Refreshing the Air Project
Establishes Japan Aroma Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Forms sales and office-work tie-up with Sumitomo 3M Limited
Adopts Company With Committees system
Establishes 3M S.T.Hanbai Co., Ltd.
2005 Manufactures and sells deodorants and air fresheners at PT. FUMAKILLA INDONESIA
Establishes S.T. Business Support Co., Ltd.
2006 Commences sales at U.S.-based Walmart stores(Dehumidifiers ・ Air Fresheners)  
2007 Forms office-work tie-up with Aekyung Industrial Co., Ltd. and ITOCHU Korea Ltd. in South Korea Establishes Aekyung S.T. Co., Ltd.
Establishes S.T. Korea Corporation
Reforms corporate organization after establishing new business framework(Kaonzo Kobayashi, president)
Changes corporate name to S.T. Corporation
2009 Launches the "design revolution" as well as "workplace reform?" initiatives (Takashi Suzuki, president)  
2010 Launches the "fragrance revolution" and "S.T. Reformation"
Entering into an Alliance with FUMAKILLA LIMITED
Terminates sales and business alliance with Sumitomo 3M Limited
2011 Commences the Clear Forest business  
2012 Concludes a three-company capital and business alliance with NS FaFa Japan Co., Ltd.
2013 Completion of the Company's headquarters (STR CENTER)
2014 Changes company name form Family Glove Co.,Ltd.(Thailand) to S.T.(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Conducts an absorption type merger of S.T.Auto Co.,Ltd.
2015 Conducts an absorption type merger of Japan Corporation Co., Ltd.