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Risk Management and Compliance

Internal control

For internal control, we promote system development in order to secure the adequacy of organizational business operation. In order to accomplish organizational goals effectively, efficiently, and properly, opinions inside and outside the company are constantly grasped and improvements are continuously made, while organizing rules and business processes.

Risk management

We recognize risk management as the control of the uncertainty of strategy achievement and consider it as the most important for business administration. For risk management, S. T. CORPORATION promotes the development of systems for preventing various management risks and minimizing possible damages. We established rules for risk management and organized the risk management committee which covers the entire group including all subsidiaries, in order to put in place the risk management system and set rules for how to react to events. The risk management committee reports risk management activities to the representative executive officer, the executive officer meeting, and the audit committee, and the audit group checks to ensure these systems work effectively. For production of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), S. T. CORPORATION has produced action plans for responding to disaster, etc., and business continuity plans, including emergency drills, from the viewpoint of social responsibilities.


Policy for compliance

As for compliance, S. T. CORPORATION observes not only laws, but also internal and external regulations, ethics, and social norms; fulfills social corporate responsibilities by putting its management philosophy and codes of conduct into practice; and strives to maintain and improve the trust of stakeholders.

Compliance system

S. T. CORPORATION established the compliance committee, to report its resolutions to the representative executive officer, the board of executive officers, and related groups, and its activities to the audit committee.

In-company educational activities

We conduct the following activities for enhancing employees' awareness of compliance further:
・To enact a code of conduct and a whistle-blowing center.
・To upload the collection of compliance-related cases to the Intranet.
・To distribute an email magazine and news for education to every office of the company. (send once a month for each)
・To conduct company-wide questionnaire survey. (once a year)
・To conduct company-wide compliance test for self-checking. (twice a year)