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Results announcement

New core products blooming

Net income marks a record high

In the 2nd quarter of the year ending March 2018, new products that are priced high and have high added value, including "Shoshu-riki" Premium Aroma, "Shoshu-riki" Function Plus series, and "SHALDAN" Flagrance, contributed, and existing products sold well. Consequently, sales kept growing, and net income increased 114% year on year, marking a record high.

Birth of "Senjou-riki," a new brand of cleaners

In September, we released the foamy toilet cleaner "Senjou-riki," which removes stains on a toilet with foams. Taking this opportunity of launching the new brand "Senjou-riki," we incorporated the existing cleaners for washing tanks and bathtubs into this brand. A survey about the logo, which reminds people of "Shoshu-riki," was carried out, and it was found that most customers feel secure and familiarity. In the new TV commercial resembling a Hollywood movie trailer, Mr. Takanori Nishikawa appears at the last part, and sings "Senjou-riki~♪" with the familiar melody. For producing a TV commercial for a new brand of cleaners for the first time in 9 years, we took full advantage of the brand assets of "Shoshu-riki". We planned to sell 600,000 foamy toilet cleaners of "Senjou-riki" in the first year, but we have already sold about two times the planned quantity by October, indicating an excellent start.

A new core product debts in Thailand

As a step for globalization, we have been developing a foothold in Thailand. After a broad range of surveys and corrections, we started the local manufacturing of the new core product "SHALDAN" Kawaii Plus for the Thai market in August. This product is an air refresher developed for Thai customers, and citronella, which is considered to repel bugs, is blended into it so that users can enjoy good fragrance while keeping insects away. As the previously exported "SHALDAN" Suteki Plus sold well, we adopted a design that would have customers think that "SHALDAN" Kawaii Plus is a sister product of "SHALDAN" Suteki Plus, and started distributing it to stores in September.

Handover of the Disposable Warmers business from Mycoal Corporation

At the meeting of the board of directors on Aug. 1, we resolved to reach a basic agreement for the handover of the Disposable Warmers business from Mycoal Corporation and to establish a new company to take over the business. Our company has so far procured disposable warmers and other warming products from Mycoal Corporation and sold them inside Japan, but after taking over the business, we will further expand the business inside and outside Japan, boost profitability, and increase our corporate value, by utilizing the product development and marketing capabilities of our corporate group.

Company-wide efforts for "United S.T. CORPORATION"

In the in-company questionnaire survey, which is held every year, 97% of employees (90% three years ago) answered yes to the question "Do you understand our company-wide purposes and goals for this term?" All employees work hard in order to attain the goal of "to get on a growth path as united S.T. Corporation," and their efforts are steadily paying off. The interim dividend for this term is 13 yen/share, up 1 yen/share year on year (the annual dividend is to be 26 yen/share). We will keep efforts to return profit to shareholders. We would appreciate your support.

December 2017
Takako Suzuki
President and Chief Operating Officer