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Business summary

S.T. CORPORATION aspires to enrich people's lives by delivering innovative products that are used in everyday life. Drawing from this aspiration, the Company has continued to leverage its development capabilities to create products that previously did not exist while cultivating a variety of niche markets. Currently, S.T. CORPORATION is active across the six business fields of Air Care (deodorizers and air fresheners), Cloth Care (mothproofing agents), Humidity Care (dehumidifiers), Hand Care (gloves), Thermal Care (disposable warmers), and Home Care (cleaners and other products). Moving forward, we will further enhance customer satisfaction by developing higher value-added products and bolstering our unique marketing activities.

AIR Care (Deodorizers and Air Fresheners)

Deodorizers and Air Fresheners


(Market Share:No.2)



(Market Share:No.1)

Air Care is a mainstay S.T. CORPORATION business domain, which is expected to experience ongoing market growth. This domain is primarily comprised of deodorizers and air fresheners and boasts a lineup of highly unique products including Shoshu-riki, which has matured into the Company's leading \14 billion air freshener brand, and Dashu-Tan, a powerful deodorizer that uses charcoal. Currently, we are proposing high quality fragrance that meets the needs of those customers who wish to enjoy a pleasant scent and aroma.

CLOTH Care (Mothproofing Agents)

Mothproofing Agents


(Market Share:No.1)

S.T. CORPORATION has been active in the Cloth care field since its foundation. Cloth Care rivals Air Care in terms of the Company's marketing priorities. Both Mushuda and Neopara Ace are recognized for their reliability in protecting clothes from moths and in attracting the overwhelming support of customers have matured into leading brands. In an effort to address the need for a pleasant aroma even in its mothproofing agent lineup, S.T. CORPORATION has put forward proposals including the fragrant Kaori Mushuda.

THERMAL Care (Disposable Warmers)

Disposable Warmers


(Market Share:No.2)

In the thermal care field, S.T. CORPORATION has been selling disposable pocket warmers of the Onpacks brand, which are manufactured by Mycoal Corporation, since 2003. We provide a wide array of products for different purposes, including pocket warmers with adhesive that can be attached to clothes, foot warmers, and the products for warming the lower back, shoulders, etc. to alleviate lower back pain, stiff shoulders, etc.

HAND Care (Gloves)

Household Gloves


(Market Share:No.2)

In its Hand Care activities, S.T. CORPORATION continues to put forward wide-ranging proposals. The Company's Hand Care product lineup includes the Family brand of household gloves. In addition to protecting the skin, our products are stylish and offer a gentle feel. In this regard, we strive diligently to put forward high value-added proposals. Beginning with the regular type with reinforced fingertips, S.T. CORPORATION offers a diverse product lineup including gloves that incorporate squalene ingredients.

HUMIDITY Care (Dehumidifiers)



(Market Share:No.1)

Since the release of the dehumidifier Drypet in 1981, S.T. CORPORATION has continued to consistently lead the market. The Company boasts a broad lineup from placement- to sheet-type products to meet the wide-ranging needs of customers. Our products are used in drawers, storage bins, and wardrobes. Currently, S.T. CORPORATION is upgrading and expanding its lineup with products that offer such added value and features as dehumidifying and deodorizing properties.

HOME Care (Cleaners and Other)

S.T. CORPORATION continues to cultivate niche markets through a variety of products including Senjou-riki, Powers Baking Soda Scrubber and other polishing cleaners, Kome-Touban, which protects stored rice from insect infestation, the Ohisama series, which removes dirt and stains through the use of photoactive ingredients, and Clear Forest, which purifies the air. In this manner, the Company is taking up the challenge of creating new domains through its lineup of unique products.